The new way to stop doors

Virtually invisible:  When it comes to GEZE ActiveStop, the only thing that stands out is its performance. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the GEZE ActiveStop door stopper is hardly visible, especially in the integrated version, and therefore satisfies the most demanding design requirements. Visually unappealing door stoppers on the floor or wall are now a thing of the past. It ensures controlled, dampened opening and closing and also conveniently holds the door open in the desired position.

Find out more about the extensive functionalities of GEZE ActiveStop:


Damping and free swing

Damping and free swing and at the same time suitable opening angles and holding positions, according to your own individual needs.

Safe closing and convenient opening

GEZE ActiveStop keeps the door closed. You can avoid lock latches and handles, and design your door freely. The door can be pushed open easily without a latch, even when your hands are full.

Door damping and closing in closing direction from 25°
The closing door is gently braked from an angle of 25° and automatically pulled closed. 

Free swing between 25° and 60°
GEZE ActiveStop allows your door free movement over this range. And regardless of how much swing the door has – the damper catches it reliably and safely from 25° or 60°.

Door damping and closing in opening direction from 140°
From an angle of 60°, the opening door is gently braked and automatically pulled open – up to the individually adjustable opening angle of max. 140°. The maximum adjustable opening angle for glass doors is 110°.


GEZE ActiveStop offers many advantages

Advantages in closing direction

  • Gentle, controlled braking and retraction of the door when closing from 25°
  • No uncontrolled slamming of the door (from draughts or carelessness) and no noise
  • No damage to frame, door leaf, etc. when slamming the door
  • Minimised risk of injuries, e.g. trapped fingers
  • The door stays shut independently

Advantages in opening direction

  • Gentle retracting of the door in maximum open position (adjustable from 80° to 140°)
  • No damage to walls, door leaves or furniture when opening door with full swing
  • Comfortable passing through the door (e.g. when carrying a large bag or a child in one’s arms)
  • No floor mounted or wall mounted door stopper necessary
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