Information for distributors

Both GEZE ActiveStop versions are available from distributors. A list of the distributors offering our products can be found here. If you also want to sell our GEZE ActiveStop, please send us an e-mail.

Case study

Convenient in everyday life and a real eye-catcher for your customers

Practical and an eye-catcher: GEZE ActiveStop. Photo: Jürgen Pollak for GEZE GmbH

Practical in everyday life and an eye-catcher: GEZE ActiveStop.

The “BEHANDELBAR 3.0” physiotherapy practice in Sindelfingen in Stuttgart is capitalising on the new GEZE ActiveStop door damper. The intelligent system ensures controlled, dampened opening and closing of internal swing doors. GEZE ActiveStop thus makes it easier and more comfortable to enter a room than ever before. An aspect that one quickly appreciates in BEHANDELBAR 3.0. 

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