The permanent and invisible solution for your home

The integrated GEZE ActiveStop

Our integrated GEZE ActiveStop version is integrated directly into the door leaf. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the door stopper is virtually invisible and therefore satisfies even the most discerning design demands in your home. Once installed, you can enjoy lasting comfort.

As it is virtually invisible, door control is increased in everyday life

The integrated GEZE ActiveStop for timber doors.

The integrated GEZE ActiveStop for timber doors. © GEZE GmbH

The integrated GEZE ActiveStop is suitable for almost any standard timber interior door due to its installation type and dimensions.

Like the surface-mounted version, it also has a draw-in damper in the opening and closing directions and can be individually adjusted in the opening angle. Thanks to its integration into the door leaf, GEZE ActiveStop is virtually invisible in comparison with conventional door stoppers and is consistently reliable thanks to its high-quality craftsmanship. A milling template specially developed for GEZE ActiveStop was developed for installation, so that installation into existing doors is also very easy. The door should be machined by a specialist company.

As it needs to be professionally installed, the integrated GEZE ActiveStop can only be obtained from GEZE for distributors. End customers can order the surface-mounted GEZE ActiveStop from our trade partners.

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The permanent solution

Integrated GEZE ActiveStop

The dampened opening and closing of the door offers numerous benefits:

  • Secured end position: safe holding of the door in open position without door stopper
  • Damping power: adjustable with a valve
  • Overload protection: thanks to integrated safety valve
  • Door latch blocker: included in scope of delivery, application depending on customer requirements or door use
  • Standard colour: fine silver, RAL available for an additional charge
  • Low maintenance: designed for maintenance-free operation

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Area of application Description
Type of door Timber interior doors, rebated and flush-mounted
Leaf weight optimal function up to 45 kg
Leaf width optimal function up to 1100 mm
Leaf thickness from 38 mm
Door hinge for left hand and right hand doors
Installation type Concealed (integrated in the door leaf) or surface-mounted (removable without residue)
Rebate space approx. 55 mm free space around levers