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The surface-mounted GEZE ActiveStop

You can install our GEZE ActiveStop surface-mounted door stopper yourself. And best of all: If you move or your life situation changes, you can remove the door stopper at any time and attach it to another door.

Door stoppers on wall and floor are a thing of the past

The surface-mounted GEZE ActiveStop for glass and timber doors.

The surface-mounted GEZE ActiveStop for glass and timber doors. © GEZE GmbH

The surface-mounted GEZE ActiveStop is an enrichment for any interior door – whether made of timber or glass.

It has a draw-in damper in opening and closing direction. This makes loud door slamming a thing of the past. You can set the opening angle of the door yourself, as well as the damping power. Unsightly door stoppers on furniture or walls are therefore no longer necessary. You can simply walk through the door as usual, and the functions are extremely intuitive. Even a light push on the door closes it safely without slamming or remaining in the set holding position.

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The retrofittable solution for your home

The surface-mounted GEZE ActiveStop

Whether timber or glass door, retrofitting is very easy.

Whether timber or glass door, retrofitting is very easy. © GEZE GmbH

The dampened opening and closing of the door offers numerous benefits:

  • no slamming of doors possible thanks to the door damper
  • no hazards due to fast closing doors
  • no door slamming thanks to closing damping
  • comfortable passing through the door through dampened opening
  • no damage to walls and furniture behind doors

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Characteristic Description
Can be used anywhere Thanks to its compact dimensions, GEZE ActiveStop fits onto almost every interior door up to 45 kg. Irrespective of whether you have timber or glass doors.
Individually adjustable You can adjust how far your door should open and how strongly GEZE ActiveStop should damp it on opening and closing as needed and based on your home situation. The adjustable opening angle is between 80°-140°.
Reliable over the long term GEZE ActiveStop is the product of durable and long-lasting workmanship "Made in Germany". The door damper offers unlimited top quality with functionality, safety and aesthetic design. 
Removable without leaving any residues behind GEZE ActiveStop can be removed nearly without leaving any residues so that you can take it with you when you move house.
Inconspicuous The door behaves like a "normal" door through which you can enter and leave the room as usual.
Independent assembly No craftsman is needed for installation.

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