New door control for your home

Our GEZE ActiveStop stops doors gently, closes them quietly and keeps them open with ease. Enter your rooms more conveniently than ever before, whether fully packed or with empty hands. Slamming doors, trapped fingers and defects in walls or furniture are a thing of the past. The new GEZE door control is truly impressive for interiors.

GEZE ActiveStop – the new way to stop doors

With GEZE ActiveStop, you experience more door control and safety in your home. It can be fitted to any conventional apartment interior door thanks to the many different versions – be it timber or glass doors. You can have GEZE ActiveStop integrated into your timber doors or simply attach it to timber or glass doors yourself so that you can take it with you when you move.


Convince yourself of its versatility

Have you had enough of doors that hit your walls or pieces of furniture?

The clever damping of GEZE ActiveStop brakes doors in time, even when opened with full swing.

Following the smooth braking, GEZE ActiveStop opens the door independently and safely up to the individually adjustable holding position. This protects objects behind the door – even if sometimes your hands are full.

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Do your doors slam uncontrollably due to draughts during airing?

Our GEZE ActiveStop actively intervenes, keeping the doors open in the desired position without any aids.

The holding position can be set individually using the adjustable opening angle. You can do without additional door stoppers on the wall or on the floor – irrespective of how many windows are open. 

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Do slamming doors present a danger to your children?

The damping of the GEZE ActiveStop also brakes quickly closing doors gently, and then pulls them closed silently.

Slow closing minimises the risk of children's fingers getting jammed and also reduces the noise level. This also prevents annoying damage to the door, as the slow closing process protects the door leaves and frames.

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