Installation made easy

Besides its innovative functionality and award-winning design, GEZE ActiveStop particularly stands out due to its simple and quick installation.

GEZE ActiveStop surface-mounted

Install your GEZE ActiveStop easily at home

You can install the surface-mounted GEZE ActiveStop to your door yourself at home in just a few simple steps. You can download the instructions for installation on glass or timber doors here. Our videos show you how easy it is to install the surface-mounted GEZE ActiveStop. With the help of our videos, as well as the installation instructions, attaching GEZE ActiveStop to your door is extremely simple.

GEZE ActiveStop integrated

Simple installation of our GEZE ActiveStop for installation engineers

The integrated GEZE ActiveStop must be integrated into the door leaf. For this reason, we recommend installation only by a specialist company. A GEZE milling template is provided for this purpose, which makes installation easier for the installation engineer. With the checklist "Door suitability test" you can check before installation whether GEZE ActiveStop is suitable for the respective door.

Door suitability test


With the checklist for the GEZE ActiveStop door suitability test, you can check whether the integrated GEZE ActiveStop is suitable for your door before installation. Alternatively, you can also use the surface-mounted GEZE ActiveStop in many cases.

After the test, the installation engineer can integrate GEZE ActiveStop into the door leaf using the milling template that we have provided.

Download the door suitability test (PDF | 1.27 MB)